About Us

Dunbarton Pines HomeOwners' Association

The Dunbarton Pines Homeowners' Association (DPHA) is a non-profit corporation created in 1979 and composed of 341 homes governed by the Declaration of Covenants, Agreements and Restrictions (1979) and Bylaws (1980). These documents are available on this Association website.

The Association has the duty and responsibility to maintain the open spaces, retention ponds, storm sewer system, common areas and entry way monuments for the benefit of the subdivision and the members of the Association. Annual dues are $170 payable in September.

TOPS [20] Association Software

The Association is using new software to support the subdivision. From a Homeowner perspective, the software provides a web portal for owners to maintain their contact information (phone numbers, email addresses), setup or process payments for annual dues, and access documents related to the subdivision and City of Novi. From a Board perspective, the software provides full financial processing and reporting, including billing, accounts receivable and accounts payable. It also has interfaces to third party providers to assist in mailings for annual dues and ongoing homeowner communications. Over time, it will enable us to become “paperless” as we invoice, pay, and communicate to Homeowners electronically.

Finally, it provides the capability to define recurring Board activities so that the work of the Board becomes codified for use by the Board as members change over time. To request an email invitation to register on the Owner’s Portal, or if you have any concerns about your contact information, please reach out to verify what we have on file at dunbartonpines@outlook.com. Once registered on the Owner’s Portal, you have the ability to process payment for your annual dues!